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Windrush Live are a strong standing organisation. Being Survivors of the Windrush scandal we have experienced the difficulties dealing with the government agencies.

Windrush Lives

We understand the windrush and commonwealth society have suffered historical life changing and in most cases traumatic life experiences due to the government legislation. Since the windrush scandal became public, Our experience of using the Home Office and receiving help was supposed to be a smooth operation, we found out that the new windrush scheme was very difficult and unfair. We gathered as a small group, due to similar experiences and working together, we are able to provide strong help, and support. for windrush claimants, Alot of claimants feel alone . Remember you are NOT alone

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Help to fill out your compensation forms - We are available for you to come and share your experience with someone who listens and Support for your personal well being

Windrush Justice Clinic

IWindrush Lives n partnership with the Windrush Justice Clinic - WJC is a collaboration between London Universities, Law Centres and Community Organisations that have come together to offer assistance to the victims affected.

Windrush Lives is more than an organisation We are real victims with real cases

Join the campaign that speaks for you and every victim of the windrush scandal